Robert Pawłowski „Eddie” A graduate of the Polish Naval Academy

A graduate of the Polish Naval Academy. Former special forces operator -13 years in Polish Navy Special Forces Unit FORMOZA.
Veteran of the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan mission.

Expert of European Security Center

C0- founder of Barracuda Elite Poland

Combat and sport shooting instructor;
Instructor of tactics: CQB, guerrilla warfare, waterborn operations;
Robert collaborated several times with BOR during protection of the President of the Republic of Poland as the commanding officer of the Tactical Support Group.
He has often protected VIP.
He completed the course of the anti-bomb protection of VIP visits.
Robert completed the course of planning operations conducted by the US Joint Special Operations University.
He has conducted numerous trainings in the field of counteracting terrorist threats.
For a number of times Robert was on position of commanding officer of mixed team of FORMOZA Unit and US Navy SEAL soldiers during joint missions.
Combat diver.