Home Invasion

How to survive a violent home invasion. Home Invasion Tactics Course is the most realistic firearms training and closest thing to an actual gun fight. When seconds count and your loved ones depend on you,ask yourself, ARE YOU READY?

-Burglary scenarios

-Room clearing training

-How to confront and engage an intruder

-Home invasion attempts

-Family tactical plans

-Family rescue-room per room

-Dim light shooting tactics

-Simunition and lasershoot scenario drills with bad guys, can be added to this consultation as well for an additional fee

-The students will be able to use tactics and engage/disengage and will be debriefed by the instructor on justification for use of force



Duration: 2 days

Minimum Candidates: 4

Cost: 400 euro

Including: weapon, shooting range, ammo, gym, certificate


Advanced level

Duration: 3 days

Minimum Candidates: 6

Cost: 650 euro

Including: weapon, laser shot simulator, ammo, shooting range, gym, certificate