Ivan Franco Level Expert 1

President of Istituto Krav Maga Italia – Naples 

Krav Maga Instructor level – Expert 1
Krav Maga Kids Instructor

Close Protection Instructor
Krav Maga Military Instructor
Antiterror SWAT Instructor
Shoot Boxing Instructor

Chief Instructor and Graduated of the Navy, Patented Rifleman Amphibious Assault Assault Officer (ANF) in 2001 in the special departments of the Navy (San Marco) He started practicing Krav Maga in Naples in 2008; He became a GIC civilian instructor (G1) in London with KMG (Krav Maga Global) in 2013; In the same year he started teaching KM in Naples and founded the Krav Maga Italia Institute; He achieved level 2 (G2) in Viareggio (Italy) with KMG in 2013; He graduated 3 (G3) in Israel with KMG in 2014; Achieved grade 4 (G4) in Poland under the United Krav Maga World Organization in 2015; Graduated 5 (G5) in Poland with the United Krav Maga World Organization in 2016; Gets black belt status in Poland under ICSKMA at the second Expert Camp in 2017; He became an instructor for children and teenagers in Israel with KMG in 2014; In 2016 he became a military Krav Maga instructor in Poland under the United Krav Maga World Organization; Enabling the execution of Vbss courses (visit, board, search and seizure) in Poland with the FORMOZA – Polish Special Forces department in 2017, in the same year he became an anti-terrorism instructor – Swat and Special Tactical Weapons at the European Security Center. Also in the same year he became Shoote Boxing instructor in Italy under C.o.n.i .; In 2018 patented Close Protection instructor in Poland at the European Security Center; At the end of 2018, with the help of the Tactical Instructor Pietro D’Amico „HAT” and the need to introduce firearms into our courses, the Krav Maga Italia & Shooting Institute division was born with the collaboration of several Polish Israeli and Ukrainian companies with specific courses of krav maga and shooting that take place periodically both in Poland, in Israel and Ukraine.