Andrzej Marczak Level Expert 4

President and founder of International Combat Shooting $ Krav Maga Association

V-ce President and head instructor of European Security Center

V-ce President and director of Education Company „PASSA”

Director of European Training Center 112

President Tactical Education Company for Police, Security, Military – CS B.O.T

V-ce President of Barracuda-Elite – Tactical Firearms Company

Member of International Experts Team

42 years of experience in martial arts and self defense system




Self Defense Krav Maga Instructor
Air Marshal Tactics Instructor
VIP & 3rd Party Protection Instructor
FAST- Firearms Survival Tactics Instructor
UDT- Undercover Defensive Tactics Instructor
CQB/CQC Instructor
Law Enforcement instructor
International TACTICAL KNIFE DEFENSE Instructor
Licences trainer HSRT – High Stress Reaction Training

Combat Shooting Instructor
Sport Dynamic Shooting Instructor
Dynamic and sport shooting judge
Boxing Instructor
Teacher of Security School
Trainer of Special Force
Combat Rescue Instructor
Military Survival Instructor
Acrobatic Tactics Instructor
Graduate of the Circus School (specialization – gymnastic)
Kids Krav Maga Instructor
Certificates of Combat Shooting and Fighting Knives of Sig Sauer Company